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Discovery Session

At SILVAZ CREATION, we hold a Discovery Session with each and every single one of our new clients. It helps us to get an understanding of your business, and the goals and objectives of your branding project.

Brand Naming

Every business needs a name. There’s no way of getting away from that. New businesses need to create one and existing businesses might be considering a change. There are a lot of different ways to name your business: Owners names/name (Adidas, founder Adi Dasler) Ingredients (Coca Cola, coca leaves, cola berries) Metaphor (Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory) Shortening (Intel, short for integrated electronics) The list goes on and on.

Marketplace Research

Marketplace research takes place on two levels, and offers a macro view of the market that you operate in. Let’s pretend you’re in the business of packaged snacks In the marketplace research for a packaged snacks company, we’d be looking at: Packaged snacks, and snacking industry in general – what’s trending, what’s working, what’s not? The geographical area in which you’re going to operate – what’s popular, what are you up against, how do you compare? It’s important that you gather insights on both an industry level, and a geographical level.

Brand Identity Design

Most people assume this is what is meant when we talk about branding. But it’s no good having a brand identity design, without all of the other good stuff that comes with it. That said: Every business needs a brand identity design to build recognition with both potential and existing customers.

Competitor Research

Competitor research is a crucial step in any branding project. You need to understand the “lay of the land” before you can decide exactly where you want to pitch your tent. When conducting competitor research with clients, this is what we’re asking: Who are your competitors? What are they doing well? What are they doing poorly? Do you like how they look? What do they offer compared to you? Why would people choose you over them? Branding is a lot deeper than the creation of some pretty visuals.

Website Design

Website design and development being classed as a branding service might surprise you. But essentially, your website is the 24/7 shop front of your business brand. Therefore, it’s important it’s design and functionality is considered right alongside your brand identity project. Your website is active at all hours, whether you’re asleep, away on holiday, or just busy! So, you want to make sure you put your best foot forward, think strategically about your website, and try to convert those visitors into customers.

let's Stand Together

First impression matters. Silvaz Creation is about creating a unique representative identity which captivates your target audience.

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